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When you make the decision to move, the clock starts ticking until the moving day.  But don't worry, we can help.  Click on Read More to go over the HGTV 60 days Moving Checklist of major tasks you should tackle before you move. 

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Avoid a Moving Scam

It's easy to figure out why you should be wary of a scheming mover -- you'll be loading up all your worldly possessions and putting them on a truck with a few workers you barely know. At best, a moving con can cost you thousands more than you budgeted. At worst, your stuff can completely vanish.  Click "Read more" for some tips to find a reputable mover.

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Deciding How to Move

You're moving! Now it's time to decide how you're going to get there. Before you start filling boxes with your belongings, consider which moving options work best for you. Click read more 

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7 Ways to Make Moving Easier (and Way More Fun!)

HGTV got tips to make moving day less of a burden.  The words "fun" and "moving" rarely go together because let's be honest: moving is usually a first-class ticket to Stress City.  Click "read more" about the tips for making your next move fun per  HGTV 

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Packing Supplies Checklist

These must-have packing supplies will help you have a smooth move:
15-20 small cardboard boxes
10-15 medium cardboard boxes
10-15 large cardboard boxes Cardboard separators (for packing glasses and dishes)
Bubble wrap
Packing peanuts
Clean newsprint (bedsheets, linens, and blankets work well too)
Stretch wrap (for bundling awkward items like skis or furniture pieces)
Mattress bags
Box cutter
Packing tape
Sharpie markers

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How to Pack for a Move

While a certain amount of stress is inevitable with any move, some simple tips on how to pack for a move can make getting out the door of your old place and settled into the new home go more smoothly.

Click read more to go over the 15 packing Tips for your Move from HGTV.

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