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Solar Farm and your Options

CVA Realtors assist Virginia landowners in selling farms ideal for solar energy development and have helped families decide how best to market and evaluate land for solar farms, solar power leases, and solar facility projects that are planned or poised for construction. In today's land market, commercial solar energy potential can significantly impact the sale, price per acre & buyer's return on investment. With several renewable energy projects fully operational in Virginia, we continue to see varied opinions, valuations, and appraisals on farmland with income-producing renewable energy. Factors affecting these land values include the farm's location, soil quality, drainage, and the number of acres.

CONSIDERATIONS FOR VIRGINIA SOLAR FARMS Acres & Size of Solar Farms (5 MW solar projects compared to 300 MW solar farms) Due Diligence Periods Solar Energy Lease Terms Intended Use (Commercial Solar and Utility-Scale Solar Power Storage) and MANY MORE! Call us at 804-569-5115 to discuss further the options and process. Whether you are a landowner or a solar energy company, We are your Land Liaisons for Virginia farm real estate & farms for sale.

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WeatherPower-Solar Electricity Generation Tool

Here is a new tool that can show us how much solar and wind energy is being produced in each county in our corner of the Commonwealth and across the United States. It's called "WeatherPower" and uses the National Weather Service Forecasts, along with information about existing renewable energy sources, to predict how much energy will be generated on a given day.

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The Future of Virginia’s Solar Market and Its Goal to Leave No Resident Behind

The Solar Energy Industries Association reported that Virginia has already invested more than $1.24 million in solar in an effort to move the state towards a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. The declining cost of solar, which has fallen by 40% over the past 5 years in Virginia, has presented an opportunity for solar to be highly influential in the state’s clean energy plans.   To keep reading the article, please click on the "read more". 

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Solar power plant

Central Virginia Associates

Solar Host Sign-Up

We work with the landowner and neighboring landowners to develop contiguous acreage blocks to create a solar farm. We provide our clients with expertise in marketing and negotiating their solar lease or selling their land to the solar company. We have extensive experience in providing landowners with options for maximizing their property's use and financial income. Before you sign any lease or purchase with a solar company, contact us  to discuss your options on how to earn revenue by hosting a Community Solar Project or a Large Scale Solar project at your site. Click on "Solar Host Sign-Up." 

Solar Host Sing-up